Noex - pierwotny wzór obecnego logo Firmy. Antoni NowakThe story of NOEX goes directly back to the 1940s when Antoni Nowak, an engineer employed at the H. Cegielski manufacturing plant devised his first post-war vision of a business. Before the second World War, he had been running his own company that provided deep-water well drilling for the biggest companies the Wielkopolska region. Company success ended with the beginning of WWII when it was seized by the German invader. The end of the War did not bring normality back. Unfortunately the political situation made it impossible for the brilliant constructor to bring his visions to life. A slight but precious remainder of that period somehow survived to the present day in the form of a tin matrix with the shape of a musketeer (the main motif of the company's future logo).

The Nowak family's return to its business traditions was not possible for the next several decades until finally a third-generation member of the family, Mr Jan Nowak decided to take matters in his own hands.

Jan NowakJan NowakJan Nowak

His numerous successes were not enough to fulfill his ambitions and the inner need to become a fully independent businessman. There was only one solution – to start his own business

Jan Nowak

Unfortunately this sort of activity was rather problematic in Poland in 1986. The communist authorities looked with reluctance at any attempts of opening business by private entrepreneurs Additionally the lack of resources, tools and machinery on the market, that were essential for production was painfully tangible. Beginnings were hard, with the use of waste material, tentatively mixed colours, overused machinery and various „home-made" devices.
Jan NowakThe effort that had been put into making the company operate properly shortly yielded tangible gains not only of the financial nature – since 1987 Noex products have been winning numerous prizes at fairs and exhibitions for design, quality and aesthetics. The company's first success by the end of 80’s allowed for a dynamic development of production and a significant extension of the product assortment. Following the then-current product line of the company, comprising items such as bicycle mirrors – Noex's first product, make-up mirrors, soap boxes, brushes, combs and office and fishing bits and accessories, a new hit-product was launched – the „spaceman" candle, the first plastic candle on the market. Another of the company's long-standing hits had its debut on the market at that time as well – „Okapnik", a drop-plate for Holy Communion candles. . The over-used machines that have witnessed the company's first steps were replaced during the 90s with newer and more efficient ones. The overall number of machines was increased as well.

BattenfeldSince 2000, the Company has been governed by a member of the fourth generation of the Nowak family, Waldemar, whose aim is to automatize and diversify the production output of Noex.

A significant breakthrough came in 2001 when the machines that had been in use until that time were finally replaced with Battenfeld equipment. Battenefeld is one of the world's leading injection moulding machines and accessories manufacturers. Also at that time, the company's new HQ in Komorniki has been erected. The next breakthrough came in 2006 when 100% of the machinery resources were replaced with the most efficient, cutting-edge machines by the same Austrian manufacturer. However, it was not the latest improvement. In 2013 next expansion of the machines park and exchange to the most advanced technologies in injection moulding were made.


Budynek Noex

Noex - magazynyToday, Noex operates in four independent fields: advertising, pharmaceutical industry, electrotechnical industry and cooperation and concept products. Starting as a company that manufactured bicycle mirrors, Noex has developed into an enterprise that is a business partner and contractor for representatives of numerous branches of the economy, such as the electrical, food, technical, pharmaceutical, office and advertising industries.

WtryskarniaNoex stands for nearly 30 years of experience and success in injection moulding plastics production. It is not just injection moulding, but also a design and construction office, tools workshop, glass processing, print shop and logistics services. Noex is over 150 qualified workers ready to undertake even the most complicated orders. It is an output of over 200 products designed internally and a few dozen client-designed products. It is production for the laboratory, advertising, construction, electrical, religious accessories and office accessories branches.

Noex LogistykaWe offer our clients help and advisory throughout the whole production process, starting with the concept, through the design, modeling, workmanship, production of tools and elements, assembly of elements and transport. The present-day market success and the sheer size of the company are a token of experience and extensive knowledge of the owners and employees of Noex.

To improve our company's standards we hold ISO 9001:2008 certificate audited by TÜV SÜD Polska. We are a member of SEDEX to show our afforts in field of ethical and responsible business practices, health and safety and corporate social responsibility. NOEX is implementing certificates for quality management standards in the field of the environment, in the automotive industry and medical industry. Since the day when the company was established, our goal was to provide a quality of service that will satisfy even the most demanding customer.