We use modern, partially automated glass processing lines. Our rich experience and advanced machinery enable us to create almost any imaginable element out of sheet glass.

We can process sheets of glass ranging from 2 to 10mm of thickness manually. The glass is cut manually or with the use of lasers. Basic, angled or oval grinding is carried out with the use of advanced grinders. We also own glass decoration, sanding and milling stations.

With our hi-tech thermal processing furnaces, a straight sheet of glass can be shaped in various forms. The process of bending the sheet or creating a meniscus is closely linked to our tools workshop, where special steel profiles are made.

Noex - obróbka szkłaNoex - obróbka szkłaNoex - obróbka szkłaNoex - obróbka szkła

The technological process for production of molded glass is a multi-stage one and requires many parameters to be secured for the final product to meet the pre-defined technical and visual requirements.

We use manual or fully automated presses depending on the scale of the project. After releasing from the mould, the products are heated with a special oxygen torch to improve their surface quality. As the final stage of production, all of our glass products go to an annealing furnace to eliminate internal stress and guarantee that the products are safe to use.

To ensure that the production of the planned volume is executed without unnecessary breakdowns, our tools workshop manufactures moulds for glass products out of special steel alloys so that they are able to withstand temperatures up to 1500°C.