The state-of-the-art production room houses over 25 state of the art Battenfeld injection moulding machines.

All machines are band new, manufactured between 2006 – 2013, equipped with Unilog B6 control systems, and 35 to 350T of clamping force and injection basis weight up to 1kg. With their modular structure, rich ancillary equipment, high precision of operation and convenient size, Battenfeld injection moulding machines may be employed to work with all kinds of raw materials and production types.

Most of the machines are equipped with Wittman robots and manipulators along with limited access zones. The use of cutting-edge machinery with the aid of robotics significantly improves the work performance ratio and overall effectiveness.

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Our injection moulding room is additionally equipped with pressurized material feeders, dye mixers, straight and angled conveyor belts, heated channel temp. regulators, material dryers and injection mould form heaters and coolers. Such a diversity of machinery resources and accessories significantly improves the quality and client-friendly pricing of our products.

With the multi-stage air filter and curtain system used, our production room is semi-sterile production compatible. The production process is being monitored 24h a day (all stations separately) and quality controlled.

Moreover, a production plant with such a diversity of output products could never function properly without a highly skilled staff.
Safety and work efficiency are deemed very important in our company. Our assembly department overseers all production processes, gathers the intermediate products created in other departments, assembles individual elements, packs them and transports to the warehouse where the client receives the final, assembled product. The whole production process is supervised and monitored from the placing of the order to the shipment of the finished product.

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The infrastructural equipment of the plant comprises a dedicated transformer, batteries with choke coils for passive power compensation capacitors, power cables in the form power-rails, a compressor station with filters and a network with a constant pressure of 10ba. As a means of care for the environment, in addition to modern, energy-saving machinery and devices, we use an automatic technological water softening station with a chiller cooling system and a chimney cooling system working in closed circuit mode.

During the whole production process we use only recyclable and reusable raw materials. We have 5 advanced mills for fragmentation of post-production waste, a crusher, and a fragmented material granulation line.