Our tools workshop is responsible for providing maintenance of the moulds that are currently in use and manufacturing of new moulds for new projects.

The tools workshop is equipped with Hass and Charmilles professional-grade processing stations, CNC milling machines, surface grinders, lathes, erosion machines, wire EDM machines, thermal processing furnaces, polishing machines, engraving machines and texturing machines.

Noex - narzędziowniaNoex - narzędziowniaNoex - narzędziowniaNoex - narzędziownia

The moulds are made with the use of prefabricated trunks by acclaimed suppliers, we use hot-channel systems, pneumatics and hydraulics, which greatly shorten production time and enable us to make high-tech injection mould forms.

Our highly qualified employees have got great skills and knowledge at material science, plastic processing, metal works as well as using modern devices in the process of mould creation.