History of noex

The history of the enterprise, which was founded in 1986, goes back directly to the 1940s, when an engineer – Antoni Nowak – who at that time was employed at H. Cegielski – Poznań S.A. (a factory manufacturing vehicles, steam tractors, steam locomotives and railroad cars, trams and military equipment, etc.) developed the first post-war vision of independent business.

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czarno białe zdjęcia z przeszłości firmy oraz dyplomy i certyfikaty

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Since 2000, the company has been managed by a representative of the 4th generation of the Nowaks – Waldemar, who set himself the target of diversifying and automating production, treating it not only as a job, but also as a passion.

New principal establishment, new technologies, new machines, permanent team, international recognition and the basic, unchanged principle for years: "ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE". 



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Nowadays, Noex is a company with an international reach, it is modern, dynamic and open to new manufacturing challenges:

  • business activity is conducted on an area of over 10,000 m2
  • stable team of over 150 employees
  • over 200,000,000 of products manufactured annually
  • processing of over 2,000 T of plastics/year
  • over 60 modern injection moulding machines equipped with robots and access zones
  • fully equipped tool room
  • warehouse for over 1000 pallet places
  • own lorry/truck transport throughout Europe
  • ISO 9001 - 2015, ISO 13485, SEDEX certificate, Noex - Ecoline

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