ECO advertising materials

ECO advertising materials are the perfect choice for any company that wants to stand out in the market. The range of such products manufactured by Noex covers many functional gadgets, guaranteeing that any Client, regardless of the represented industry, can find something of interest. All the goods we offer, from laboratory products to ECO advertising materials are manufactured with utmost care for the environment. Their manufacturing process involves the use of bio-plastics and recycled raw materials, while the products themselves are recyclable. If you choose our eco-friendly advertising materials, you can be sure of not only product durability and visual appeal but also an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Types of ECO advertising materials

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of ECO advertising materials. As a manufacturer of spare change trays, we provide high-quality products to retail, service or catering establishments. We also manufacture bartender trays, receipt boxes and trays, ashtrays or displays. The POS (point of sale) materials we offer enable subtle advertising and facilitate visual identification of your company. This allows you to stand out against the competition and attract customer attention, while fitting your establishment with practical tools making everyday work easier. We offer ready-made ECO advertising materials, also on demand, customized by the Client.

Benefits of choosing ECO advertising materials

The selection of eco-friendly advertising materials entails numerous benefits, both for the company and the environment. The most important include a positive impact on the company image. Customers are increasingly more often paying attention to whether a given company operates responsible and cares for the environment. Employing eco-friendly gadgets to promote one’s brand may attract new customers who appreciate such values. In addition, ECO advertising materials are made from eco-friendly raw materials and impact environmental degradation to a lesser degree. Manufacturing such products also requires less energy and raw materials than in the case of traditional items. Eco-friendly advertising materials manufactured by our company are also characterized by high execution quality and longevity.