Disposable laboratory materials

We offer high-class disposable laboratory materials. Our products are intended for laboratories in many fields, such as chemistry, biology, medicine or the pharmaceutical industry. Our portfolio covers a range of products characterized by not only the highest quality and functionality, but also competitive pricing. We supply materials to laboratories in Poland and other European countries, and also collaborate with manufacturer of laboratory equipment under manufacturing cooperation.

Laboratory products straight from the manufacturer

As a manufacturer of disposable laboratory materials, we offer a wide range of such products as test tubes, containers, tools and much more. All these items are available in different sizes and have been subject to the required approvals and quality certification processes. Laboratory products constitute an extremely broad category of products that satisfy the requirements of specialist applications as part of scientific research, medical diagnostics and other fields that call for precision and control of laboratory conditions.

Our company is a manufacturer of plastic laboratory containers available with or without a screw cap. These items are characterized by high resistance to different substances and significant mechanical strength. This makes them perfect for precise measurements and sample determination. Our product range includes sterile and leak-tight containers in various volumes, which allows matching them to the individual needs of each Client. We recommend disposable sterile spoons for sampling.

Petri dishes – one of the basic and universal laboratory product types – are also highly popular. These accessories come in varied shapes, sizes and segmented variants, making them highly flexible in terms of the conducted research. These are products valued by many scientific disciplines, as well as medical diagnostics. They are available in a sterilised and aseptic version, which means they can be employed for a variety of purposes. Our range of laboratory products also includes disposable inoculation loops and spreaders.

Manufacturer of laboratory products

As a manufacturer of laboratory products, we focus on the highest quality of manufactured items. Our disposable products are manufactured using proven raw materials, which ensures top quality and user safety. We cooperate with renowned suppliers only, who offer us raw materials of the highest level. We rely on innovation and continuous improvement of our products. This allows us to constantly expand our portfolio with new products that meet the current needs of our Clients.

Work safety is becoming increasingly more important in today’s times. As a manufacturer of disposable laboratory materials, we make every effort so that our products satisfy the highest sanitary and hygienic standards. We also set great store by protection against accidental contamination and loss of research samples. It should be stressed that, as a manufacturer of disposable laboratory materials, we are not only a product supplier but also a business partner.