Plastics tool room

The plastics tool room that operates at our company comprehensively handles orders associated with manufacturing elements made from diverse materials. We manufacture workpieces, elements, devices and parts based on designs submitted by our clients and others. We have a team and tools that enable us to develop designs from scratch. Combined with modern manufacturing and machining tools, our tool room allows us to fully meet the expectations of our clients. Therefore, we are responsible for designing and modelling, as well as manufacturing of injection moulds, blow moulds or punching dies.


Elements, tools and devices for plastics manufacturing

The NOEX tool room is capable of manufacturing parts, elements and complete tools for various applications, both in small and large series. The items we design and manufacture include the aforementioned moulds and workpieces or parts made from steel, coper or graphite. We offer comprehensive services in this respect, more than just the implementation of individual manufacturing stages. Experience, knowledge and tools we have access to enable us to accept the responsibility for designing a workpiece, executing its manufacturing tools and implementing the resulting solutions into the technological process of your plant.

The engineering department that makes up the plastics tool room deals with the development of detailed workpiece and component designs. Our activities include, among others, computer element modelling, prototyping with 3D printing or injection simulations. We can help in selecting suitable manufacturing methods and materials fully satisfying the needs of our Clients. Our tool room enables implementing diverse components – starting with injection moulds, through plastic workpieces, to ECO advertising materials made from recycled raw materials. We also draw up a clear cost estimate for each project.

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