Injection moulds

- trial and multi-series
- single and multi-component
- standard and sandwich type
- cold and hot runner
- equipped with a slide
- special constructions
- with one or more opening planes


kable wtryskowe podłączone do urządzenia


Injection moulds for plastics is currently the basis of manufacturing in any industry wherever plastic or other materials are used. Without them, there is no exact, repeatable manufacturing process. Our company deals with the manufacture of injection moulds intended for assembly and work at injection moulding machines of various specifications. Everything depends on our customers’ expectations. Thanks to this, regardless of whether you have horizontal or vertical injection moulding machines, you can be sure that you will get a product that will fully comply with your production plant system.

Manufacture of injection moulds

Thus, what possibilities can you count on when you decide to cooperate with our company? We manufacture a variety of injection moulds both – trial and multi-series versions. The capabilities of our machine park allow us to create exactly the moulds that our customers need. Therefore, they will be perfect for making exactly the items that will work for their assumed purposes. Taking into account our customers’ demand, of course, we can provide the following moulds:

  • single and multi-component moulds adjusted to the complexity of the technological process,
  • standard and sandwich type moulds allowing for optimization of the production process,
  • cold and hot runner moulds adapted to operation with various machines,
  • mould sliders
  • with one or more opening planes

We also offer the development and manufacture of special structures that are hard to categorize.