Manufacturing co-operation

Our company cooperates with enterprises from different industries under manufacturing cooperation. This means that we implement certain manufacturing process stages for them, which enables those companies to meet established production objectives in a faster and more reliable way. Our counterparties include companies from the automotive, electronic and medical industries. We create components for the construction, agriculture or horticulture sectors. We also implement orders for manufacturers of white goods and various packaging types.

Manufacturing cooperation is attracting growing interest from our Clients. Plastics are materials that cannot be neglected in the production process of many everyday items. They enable fabricating products with a variety of functionalities, shapes and colours. However, manufacturing plastic workpieces requires not only specialized equipment and top-quality raw materials, but also expertise and relevant know-how. For this reason, relying on manufacturing cooperation with a company experienced in this field, such as ours, is worthwhile.


Advantages of manufacturing cooperation

Selecting our services provided under manufacturing cooperation enables significantly reducing product lead time, while cutting costs. The vast process facilities allow us to handle even the most complex orders, making our offer competitive. Furthermore, we can guarantee the highest quality of the elements we provide, which is owing to using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, and the fact that we employ top-tier specialists.

As part of the manufacturing cooperation, you can primarily count on comprehensive service delivery, attractive client-specific prices, creative product concepts, and manufacturing process optimization. Our machine park enables developing prototypes and small batches, as well as large-batch production of plastic elements. In addition, we can flexibly adapt the terms of our manufacturing cooperation to your current needs. We also provide complex logistics and transport throughout Europe.

We are looking forward to working with you! You will gain a reliable partner with vast experience and facilities.