Injection moulding room

The Injection moulding plant operating within our company is a modern machinery park equipped with technologically advanced injection moulding machines and all accessories that enable operation characterized by high workpiece execution quality. The operation of various tools and machines within our injection moulding plant allows us to process raw materials of different properties. We individually match the colours of finished products, execute marking or apply special enriching substances. This enables us to offer products for the advertising industry, such as bartender trays with imprints or special containers for laboratories.

Injection moulding machine orders

We accept Injection moulding machine orders from clients that require support both with large-scale manufacturing of plastic items and the creation of small batches or prototypes. We provide manufacturing options using default, as well as customized injection moulds that we are also able to create. This indirectly allows us to design plastic workpieces, from their execution method, to their shape, material and functionality. This enables us to provide our clients with almost unlimited possibilities in terms of the characteristics, parameters, shapes or intended use of plastic products they require.

Please feel invited to learn the specifics – the types of equipment we use, the plastics we process and the characteristics of our technological process