Bartender trays is a convenient way to carry large orders in restaurants or bars, without the need to juggle dishes. Therefore, a catering establishment effectively operating without several trays that make waiter jobs easier is hard to imagine. As a bartender tray manufacturer, we provide our clients with high-quality trays, also customized. This enables adapting tray dimensions, parameters and style to the nature of a bar or restaurant it will be used in. We offer round and rectangular trays of various depths and dimensions. Trays with a non-slip surface provide additional protection against potential uncontrolled movement of the dishes while being carried from place to place. This makes it harder to spill a prepared beverage or break glasses.


Advertising trays

Advertising trays are a good method to communicate with potential customers in a subtle and non-invasive way. Similarly to Coin trays, sooner or later these trays will catch the sight of potential consumers. Trays ordered by our clients can come with any advertising imprint. Depending on the model or Client needs, this can only be a light motif associated with a restaurant’s visual communication or a full-fledged advertising medium with any product brand. Graphics may be applied both on top and bottom of the tray, or its edge in the case of deep trays. All depends on your needs and design. The technical capabilities of our company enable applying high-quality and high-resolution graphics in CMYK colours.


Bartender trays made from recycled materials

More and more people today decide to go with eco-friendly products. Bartender trays made from recycled materials are growing really popular. Our product range includes models in a variety of shapes and sizes, tailored to the needs of any Client. Bartender trays made from recycled materials are a perfect option for those who primarily value ecology and environmental care. Their manufacturing process is based on the use of secondary raw materials, which makes them eco-friendly and effective in reducing the number of industrial waste.


Manufacturer of eco bartender trays with an anti-slip surface

Our company is a manufacturer of ECO bartender trays with an anti-slip surface, which are characterized by high quality workmanship and everyday reliability. The anti-slip surface ensures durability and resistance to scratching and damage, while guaranteeing safe and secure use. As a company dealing with the manufacture of ECO gadgets, we undertake to implement almost any pattern on the product surface. Such advertising trays are a way to make your bar stand out from the competition. A logo or slogan imprinted on trays will catch the eye of patrons and increase brand recognition.

Bartender trays are essential in any professional bar. They enable efficient bartender work organization and ensure safe handling of beverages and glasses. If your company is eco-aware, we encourage you to choose our own ECO bartender trays made from recycled materials. Models with an anti-slip surface ensure work safety and ergonomics.