Spare change trays are nothing else than the trays found in shops, kiosks or bars, used to giving change in cash transactions. Besides the obvious function, which is facilitating the process of money changing hands, spare change trays are a surprisingly good advertising medium. Their function and location mean that they just cannot be overlooked, since they are in the line and range of customer’s sight. This is all the more true, the more startling the very project of coin tray, and the advertisement it carries are. For this reason, coin trays are some of the basic POS materials  used in advertising campaigns aimed at presenting a new brand or consolidating an already functioning product in consumer minds.

Coin trays from the manufacturer

We are a coin tray manufacturer with broad experience in implementing both standard and unusual projects. Our machinery park is ready to manufacture lightweight and functional plastic pads and coin trays made of glass, as well as to implement design utilizing both these materials. It all depends on your needs. Access to modern engineering and manufacturing tools means that we are capable of preparing custom-made products – based on both the client's guidelines contained in appropriate diagrams and on a design developed from scratch by our designers.

If you are looking for a way to reach a potential recipient of your products in an efficient and relatively non-invasive manner, coin trays are an excellent solution. Feel free to contact us regarding the details associated with this part of our services.