We are a manufacturer of POS materials tailored to the needs and visions of our clients. But what are they actually? In brief, these are advertising media tasked with supporting sales during marketing campaigns. They are placed on shop counters, product shelves or even ceilings and floors of various premises. We offer dozens of patterns that differ in design. This allows us to provide you with products tailored to various concepts.

Do you need a series of functional stands that convey specific information? Does your advertising campaign involve wobblers placed in sensitive points of the store where your products are available? Or maybe you are searching for a company that will come up with a customized design with LED backlight? We can implement all of the above. As a manufacturer of ECO plastic products, we offer POS materials fabricated focusing on care for the environment.


Bar mats and coasters from noex

Our product portfolio covers a wide range of POS materials, including bar mats and coasters. As an experienced manufacturer of these products, we are able to guarantee their high quality, which translates to durability and provides them with long service life. The products we offer are excellent for any bar, disco or catering joint.

The bar mats offered by Noex are a very popular industry trend. Made from soft plastic, and used for placing ready-made drinks and beverages; available in multiple different formats. They enable a bartender to avoid served cocktails spilling onto the bar top. At the same time, these elements, just like coasters, serve as an excellent advertising medium for the articles sold on premises.


Pos effectiveness

There is a fair belief that POS materials are highly effective in driving sales and perpetuating brand awareness in the minds of consumers. What is the reason for that? A well-placed advert on the premises of the trading facility may suggest to the customer the possibility of buying a particular product, while adding a small advertising element at the checkout itself may influence the purchasing decision, which, according to some studies, is made even in 2/3 under the influence of an impulse.

It goes without saying that despite all the effectiveness of wobblers, dispensers or trays, moderation is important. Excessive concentration of the same advertisement in one place, even in various forms, may simply overwhelm customers, so that the advert becomes just a meaningless background and does not attract any attention. Therefore, it is worth investing in well-weighed solutions that will surprise with their form or draw attention owing to their clever placement within the store space.



PCV bar mats are the perfect accessories for all those who want to equip their joint in products providing protection against surface damage, while enabling brand promotion. As a manufacturer, we are able to imprint almost any pattern on them. Our product portfolio includes numerous types of bar mats suiting each interior and fit-out style of any premises. PCV bar mats protect countertop surfaces against damage and perfectly adhere, which improves work comfort and safety.

All our models are made from high-strength, damage-resistant and easy-care materials. For the convenience of our Clients, our product portfolio includes PCV bar mats in many different sizes, which facilitates matching them to the available space. We offer oblong and rectangular variants in diverse colours. PCV bar mats are handy accessories for any catering joint that simultaneously constitute perfect advertising media to help increase brand recognition.

We encourage you to take a look at our portfolio of bar mats and place your orders. As a manufacturer of ECO advertising gadgets, we guarantee that our bar mats and other products in our range are produced with care for the natural environment and are recyclable after use. We manufacture POS materials using proven raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies. This guarantees that you get high-quality products to effectively attract the attention of your customers.