Our laboratory product range includes, among others, Petri dishes. These are disposable laboratory vessels used in the course of many laboratory processes and experiments. The name of these products, also known as Petri plates, comes from a German microbiologist, Julius Richard Petri, who invented them. They comprise a round base and a lid, both made from polystyrene. Our Petri dishes differ in terms of base diameter, height and the number of chambers.


Multi-purpose petri dishes straight from the manufacturer

Our company is a manufacturer of Petri dishes, which, together with test tubes, make up the basic equipment of any laboratory. They are employed in microbiology, e.g., for inoculations that enable identifying infectious pathogens. Micro-organism culturing using suitable media allows to observe pathogenic bacterial and fungal colonies, which facilitates matching an appropriate therapy. Our Petri dishes are also made for testing the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Petri dishes are useful for studying the toxicity of chemicals or in vitro tissue culturing. Botanists employ they for analysing plant germination stages, and entomologists for observing miniscule insects. We are also a manufacturer of Petri dishes used in education, e.g., for simple chemical experiments. Their transparency makes them perfect for microscopic analyses. The vast number of dish types and variants enables matching them to suitable research purposes.


Types of petri dishes

Petri dishes have wide applications in different laboratories. Their task is to grow micro-organisms. They enable preparing and storing media intended for bacterial or fungal cell growth. They are ideal for microscopic analysis, since they are safe and transparent observation containers. We offer a wide and varied range of Petri dishes. It includes sterile dishes, i.e., sterilised with gamma rays, and also their aseptic variant (free of micro-organisms). We are also a manufacturer of ventilated and non-ventilated Petri dishes.

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