Containers and spatulas

Plastic laboratory containers offered by our company are high-quality products that enable safe storage of materials required for basic medical examinations. Made from high-quality plastic resistant to degradation caused by the presence of biological factors. They have also been designed to achieve maximum tightness that guarantees the test material is protected against external factors and prevents samples from spilling.


Urine and stool containers

We offer urine and stool containers in two sizes, as well as spatulas (paddles) for grabbing and placing the sample inside the cup. This enables to safely and fully hygienically collect the test material without any greater risk of soiling. Product sterility is maintained owing to the rigorous manufacturing process. This means that the contamination risk is mitigated to a minimum owing to proper care. Excellent tightness and constant dimensions of the offered products have won us the trust of numerous clinics, laboratories, medical centres and individual customers throughout the country.
The containers and spatulas are sold in bulk, in boxes holding 200 to 500 pieces for cups and in cartons up to 1000 pieces for spatulas.