Manufacturer of plastic products – Noex

Noex is a manufacturer of plastic products with many years of experience. We offer a wide range of products and services, satisfying the needs of our Clients representing the most diverse of industries. Noex is an enterprise that provides comprehensive services – from designing plastic workpieces, through modelling and prototyping, to large-batch production. Our highly qualified personnel works employing state-of-the-art technologies, which enables handling even the most complex orders.

Plastics processing

Plastics processing is one of our core activities. Our manufacturing plant operates state-of-the-art machinery and technologies that enable creating top-quality products. We employ a variety of raw materials, which allows us to tailor the manufacturing process to the needs of each Client. This, in turn, makes our products find numerous applications in a variety of fields, such as the automotive, construction or food industries. As an experienced manufacturer of POS materials, we help entrepreneurs promote their businesses.


Eco-friendly plastic workpiece manufacturing

Manufacturing plastic workpieces is also one of Noex’s core businesses. We are convinced that environmental protection is one of the crucial challenges of our time. Therefore, we rely on innovative solutions that enable creating nature-friendly products. At Noex, we greatly focus on the quality and aesthetics of our products. Each manufacturing stage is monitored, and finished products undergo quality testing. This ascertains us that our product range satisfies the expectations of even the most demanding clients.


Comprehensive services provided by Noex

Noex is more than just a manufacturer of plastic products – we also offer element prototyping or modelling. We provide our Clients with CNC services that enable precise machining of various material types. Over the many years of our market operation, we have gained the trust of numerous Clients, both domestic and foreign. We cooperate with companies from a variety of industry segments, which enables continuous development and improving the skills of our personnel. This allows us to offer top-quality products and services.


hala produkcyjna z wtryskarkami

Injection moulding room


We offer a comprehensive service for the manufacture of plastic parts by means of injection. From product design, 3D prints, mould execution, to the manufacture of finished products. We are proud of our modern machine park and 35 years of experience in the processing of plastics. Our injection moulding machines and auxiliary equipment are brand new or almost new, and they come only from the best European suppliers – Wittmann Battenfeld and Arburg. We process over 2,000 tons of various plastics and manufacture several hundred million products per annum.



We deal with the manufacture of injection moulds, dies and stamping dies based on the latest technologies both in the design process in CAD/CAM/CAE programs and during manufacture with the use of numerically controlled CNC machines. We have a state-of-the-art machine park consisting of Charmilles, DMG and HASS equipment. We also manufacture elements made of steel, aluminium, copper, graphite and any other material. We can boast of highly qualified staff who have many years of experience in the field of construction, processing and assembly of moulds.

hala produkcyjna z pracownikami przy maszynach
brązowa taca firmy rebel

Advertising products

Produkty reklama

We specialize in manufacturing different types of advertising materials and gadgets. We manufacture promotional materials, POSs, stands, advertising and bartender trays, coin trays, ashtrays, ice containers, paper boxes and gadgets used for customization and visual identification of companies. We guarantee high product quality and quick order lead time. Our advantages include comprehensive product development, starting at the design stage, through manufacturing to delivery to the client.

Laboratory products

Produkty labolatorium

We manufacture products for the laboratory industry. We own a fully automated production hall adapted to operate in an aseptic atmosphere, electrical injection moulding machines, robots and packaging systems. The manufacturing process observes sanitary regime requirements applicable to medical products. Our offer contains such products as Petri dishes of all sizes, test tubes, swabs, systems for preparing, collecting and transporting samples, inoculation loops, cell spreaders and containers of various capacities.

płytki petriego
taśma produkcyjna z głowicą

Manufacturing co-operation

Kooperacja produkcyjna

We devise product concepts for our clients, conduct business and technical analyses, create prototypes, design parts, establish technology, build moulds, inject parts, optimize production processes, assemble finished products, screw/glue/weld components together, machine, set up electronic and mechanical equipment, carry out trials and tests, pack and provide full post-production logistics services and our own transport throughout Europe. We provide our services in the following industries: Smart home, electrical engineering, medicine, laboratories, construction, advertising, household appliances and packaging.



Injection moulds and injection of workpieces are only a part of our business. We ensure full service before and after manufacture. We deal with offset and digital printing on almost all surfaces, we mark products, process plate materials, we build production automation, collection systems, as well as fold and pack parts on our own. We test raw materials, resources used in manufacturing process, components and finished products. We constantly invest in emerging new technical solutions, devices and machines, which provide greater opportunities in production processes.

Technologia firmy Noex
Bujne lasy od góry


Eco Line

Acting for the sake of nature, we recover and recycle packaging placed on the market. All our cardboard packaging has FSC certificates. We process plastics that are 100% recyclable. Our offer has been expanded with bio-plastic products, as well as recycling and compostable plastic products. We take intensive effort associated with reducing carbon footprint. We are a member of the Gaja club and support the “trees for climate” campaign.